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5 Tips on How to Maintain Welding Equipment

Whether an arc becomes erratic, the wire for your MIG welder feeds unevenly, or your machine starts to run hot, maintenance for welding equipment is critically important for the longevity of your welding machine and for preventing these performance issues. Depending on what kind of

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Maintaining Your Underwater Diving Gear

All welders know the importance of maintaining their gear in order to prolong the life of it as well as that of the welder.  Properly working gear is one of the most important tools any welder can have in their arsenal.  Any imperfection in any

How to Set Up a Garage for Welding Projects

Before striking your first spark for a home welding project, there are quite a few safety concerns to consider, especially when working in your garage. Here are some tips for a safe and functional garage set up for welding. Image Credit: Miller Welds Forum Welder