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How to Find Serial Numbers on Welding Helmets

Locating a serial number on a welding helmet is extremely useful for taking advantage of warranties, registering your helmet, or qualifying for special product upgrades or replacements. However, serial numbers aren’t always easy to find on welding helmets, especially since different brands and models within

Comparing the Three Hottest Welding Helmets

Now is the best time to buy a new welding helmet for the first time or to upgrade your current helmet. Three of the leading welding brands have updated and improved their industry-leading helmets. We had Andrew weld with all three and give us some

Comparing 3 Top Welding Helmets

There are tons of great rebates on Baker’s Gas and Welding right now for welding helmets. You may have heard about the Jackson Balder rebate already that offers $100, but there’s also a rebate for $40-$60 on Speedglas welding helmets. Each welding helmet has its

Which Welding Helmet Offers the Best Value?

Two of the best-selling welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding are the Miller Digital Elite and Lincoln’s Viking Helmet. While both will deliver all of the specifications that you could ever need for a top of the line auto-darkening welding helmet, let’s talk about

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Every welder knows that they need to have a welding helmet. A popular kind of welding helmet is the auto darkening helmet, and many welders believe they are worth it no matter how much they cost. Many believe that beginner or hobby welders especially need