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Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Welding Helmet

Now is the best time to upgrade your welding helmet with the latest helmets from Miller and Lincoln, including the Viking, Infinity, and Digital Elite versions. A combination of rock bottom sale prices, rebates, and special offers make this the ideal time to get helmets

How to Use a Low Amperage MIG Welder

Sometimes you’ve got a simple MIG welder in your shop and you need to ask a lot of it for a large to medium project. If you can’t pick up a machine with more amperage, your best bet is to carefully use your lower power

MIG Welding Glove Comparison

The Competitors: Tillman 32 Series MIG Gloves Revco BM88 BSX MIG Gloves Miller 249176 MIG Gloves Lincoln K2980 MIG Gloves The Testing Characteristics: Dexterity Heat Transfer Comfort Durability Versatility Overall and Price The gloves were ranked 1-4 on each characteristic with a 4 being the

Tips for TIG Welding Aluminum

TIG welding aluminum can be frustrating to the uninitiated, but if you make the right preparations and work on your technique, you can join aluminum together without melting or warping the metal and without wrecking your weld in the process. While you may have the

Trouble-Shooting Aluminum MIG Welding Problems

There’s nothing worse than setting up for a welding project and then struggling to keep the puddle moving or fighting off chunks of spatter. Aluminum is one metal that can be particularly troublesome for welders since there are so many different things that can go

How to Buy a MIG Welder with Enough Power

A MIG welder is an ideal machine for a wide variety of fabricating jobs at home or in a welding shop. The typical hobby welder who gets to work on his projects on the weekends may not want to shell out the $1700 for a

What is the Best MIG Welder for the Money?

Figuring out the best MIG welder for your needs will be determined by how much you’re able to spend, what kinds of metal you want to weld, and how frequently you plan on using your welder. Before you hunt Craig’s List for the cheapest MIG

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5 Reasons to Own a Stick Welder

MIG welders are regularly among the top sellers at Baker’s Gas and Welding because they are easy to use and create clean, strong welds. MIG welders are great for anything from a household project, to a car repair, to a series of fabrication jobs in a

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Top-Selling Welders to Give as Gifts to a Beginner

A new welding machine makes a great gift for the aspiring craftsman, do-it-yourself handyman, car hobbyist, or farmer who needs a simple way to make repairs. Though some welders can cost thousands of dollars, a beginning welder may not need a lot of power in

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The Best Gifts for Welders

If you are completely new to welding and you want to buy a gift for a loved one, you probably shouldn’t go shopping for the latest TIG welder to stick under a tree or in a really, really big stocking. However, there are several welding accessories that