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Tips for Making the Cut This Summer

Plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torch set ups are some of the most reliable and flexible ways to cut metal. However, there are a bunch of factors to consider when you look into a cutting set up. There are angle grinders and saws that can make

The Role of a Welding Regulator

For those unfamiliar with welding or welding regulators, they look much like the gas regulator on the propane tank you have on your gas grill in the backyard. Regulators on a propane can are preset to deliver the right amount to your grill and burners.

Tips for MIG Welding Vertical Up

MIG welding is one of the most popular welding methods in use today primarily because of its ease of use and its ability to weld continuously using a spool of wire which is fed through the MIG gun as a short consumable electrode which basically

Trouble-Shooting Aluminum MIG Welding Problems

There’s nothing worse than setting up for a welding project and then struggling to keep the puddle moving or fighting off chunks of spatter. Aluminum is one metal that can be particularly troublesome for welders since there are so many different things that can go

Learning to Weld with a Stick Welder or Buzz Box

One of the first places beginning welders go for a new machine is the used welder listings at Craig’s List where they check out used stick welders. The basic stick welders, especially those made by Lincoln Electric, are often called buzz boxes. While these welders

How to Buy a MIG Welder with Enough Power

A MIG welder is an ideal machine for a wide variety of fabricating jobs at home or in a welding shop. The typical hobby welder who gets to work on his projects on the weekends may not want to shell out the $1700 for a

Tips for Teaching a New Welder

When you have your own welder, you may be the guy all of your friends go to for welding lessons. The problem is, you haven’t been trained how to teach someone to weld. You may be on the verge of a really frustrating weekend if

5 Reasons Why a Weld Breaks

Whether you’re new to welding or you have a ton of experience, no one wants to break a weld. Broken welds need to be reground and they use up resources such as filler metal and shielding gas. In addition, every time you need to grind