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When to Use Solid Wire MIG or Flux Cored MIG Welding

MIG welding offers the convenience and speed of a feeder that guides the metal wire right into your puddle, but keeping your weld free from contaminants will determine the strength and appearance of your weld. While solid MIG wire requires a shielding gas to protect

Does It Matter If You Push or Pull While Welding?

Some welders roll their eyes every time the push vs. pull debate comes up, while others have strong opinions that they believe they have been forged out of hard-earned experience. Should we debate pushing vs. pulling for welding? And if it’s worth discussing, then which is

The Ultimate MIG Welding Tips Roundup

If you’re getting started with MIG welding or looking to upgrade your machine, now is the time to check out the great deals on MIG welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding. The prices are the most competitive you can find online, and almost every machine

6 Heavy-Duty Welding Projects for This Winter

While it’s always appealing to pick a simple welding project that offers a quick win for the weekend, the coming winter is the perfect time to start a bigger, heavy-duty welding project that stretches over a few months. While it rains or snows outside, you

Solid Wire Compared to Flux Core Wire for MIG Welding

Welders who have just spent over $1,000 on a brand new MIG welder may be hesitant to pick up a canister of shielding gas. That’s especially the case when a spool of flux core MIG wire runs close to the same price as solid wire

How to Make a Stronger MIG Weld

MIG welding downhill works great for thin metal and joints that won’t see a lot of pressure and heavy use. However, once you start welding thicker metals that see a lot of action, you need to start looking into more reliable techniques that create strong