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How to Use a Low Amperage MIG Welder

Sometimes you’ve got a simple MIG welder in your shop and you need to ask a lot of it for a large to medium project. If you can’t pick up a machine with more amperage, your best bet is to carefully use your lower power

MIG Welding Aluminum Spool Gun Tips

Learning to MIG weld aluminum with a spool gun may lead to some of your longest days in the welding shop since there are so many different things that can go wrong with your settings and technique. Everything is far more difficult and sensitive with

Overhead MIG Welding Tips

When you’re MIG welding overhead, every welder will tell you that the same basic principles apply as a horizontal weld joint on your welding table. Before you let this out of position weld psyche you out, there are some basic welding tips you can consider

Discounted Miller Welders and Welding Supplies

Miller’s welders are among the top selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding, and during the month of October, you’ll have a chance to get additional discounts on Miller products in addition to some free Miller welding gear. During the entire month of October, Baker’s

Welding Project: Weld Your Own Bar

Whether you’re done with work and you want to relax with some friends at home or to put together a memorable party on the weekend, you don’t need a ton of money to buy a huge, fancy bar for your drinks. You just need a

Tips for Unique MIG Welding Positions

There are general rules for MIG welding that always apply, such as taking the time to determine the best amperage, set up a good ground, and select optimal wire feed settings. Failing to get those three factors right will cause most of your problems right there, and

How to MIG Weld Aluminum

MIG welders are extremely versatile welders that can handle a wide variety of projects. However, before you buy a spool of aluminum wire and try MIG welding aluminum, you’ll want to learn about the particular challenges and adaptations you’ll need to make before attempting to