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How to Choose Between Miller’s Multimatic and Millermatic Welders

Miller Electric has introduced some of the strongest competitors in the welding machine market with the new Multimatic 255 and Millermatic 255 MIG welder. These new machines have been highly rated so far for versatility, portability and performance. Serving as work horses on job sites, and powering

Comparing the Millermatic 211 and ESAB Rebel EM 215ic

Welders looking for a new MIG welder on sale have their work cut out for them researching the many new machines on the market. This month we’re comparing two of our bestselling machines from Baker’s Gas and Welding: Miller’s Millermatic 211 and the ESAB Rebel

Last Chance to Save on Miller Products!

There’s still time to save on all things Miller at BakersGas.com — from Miller Millermatics to Miller welding helmets! But hurry, because orders must be placed by 4:00pm EST on February the 10th to lock in prices before the price increase. Time is running out

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Price Drop! All Miller MIG Welders at Bakersgas.com

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding and is an automatic or semi-automatic process in which wire connected to a source of current joins two pieces of metal while an inert gas acts as a shield to keep contaminates away. MIG (Wire) Welding Benefits Easiest

Miller Golden Ticket Cash Back Promotion

The Miller Golden Ticket promotion is here!  Receive up to $300.00 cash back from Miller Electric when you buy a qualifying Millermatic, Diversion, Bobcat, ArcStation or Digital Elite product between now and November 4, 2011 (see list of eligible items).          

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Holiday Gift Guide For Welders (Part 2)

How many days are left until Christmas? Start counting down from 9. Yeah. We’re almost at that “run-to-CVS-and-grab-anything-that-looks-like-I-put-any-actual-thought-into-this-gift” point in the holiday season. Don’t be that guy or girl. Check out the rest of the “Holiday Gift Guide For Welders” and get the welder in

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Holiday Gift Guide for Welders (Part 1)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other holiday, gift giving can become a hassle. So I’ve put together a gift guide for welding enthusiasts. This guide has gifts that are fun, useful, and can be used throughout the year. If you have any

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A Brief Introduction to MIG Welding

When you think of welding, MIG welding is probably what comes to mind.  MIG stands for metal inert gas.  It’s also referred to GMAW or gas metal arc welding.  It consists of a spool of wire that is fed, along with an inert gas, through