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New Battery-Powered Portable Welding with AccuPocket Welders

Mobile welders and welders who need a highly portable welding machine can save a lot of time and headaches with the new lightweight AccuPocket welding machine line that is now being carried at Baker’s Gas and Welding. With charging times between 30-45 minutes and secure

How to Cut Fuel Costs with a Welder/Generator

Today’s guest post is by Chris Wierschke of Miller Electric who writes about saving money with Miller’s welder/generators for welding in a variety of locations. How many of you remember the Miller® AEA-200 welder/generator? How about the Blue Star® 2E? These products have been gone

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Going Mobile — Rig Welding

   Apart from being an early 1970s hit song by "The Who," going mobile is also a lucrative, in demand business opportunity for the professional welder. “Rig Welding” is a very versatile business, offering services to the homeowner, hobby & commercial farmers, dairies, wineries, commercial,