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Save on All Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Models

Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering significant savings and rebates on the Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting systems. Students or recent graduates of an accredited welding program can receive rebates between $100 and $500 depending on the machine purchased, while anyone can use the PROMO Code:

Cut Cleaner with Hypertherm’s Flushcut Consumables

When welders and metal workers need clean, precise ways to cut metal, to chop off bolts, or to make custom cuts on projects, the latest flushcut consumables from Hypertherm provide a simple and efficient solution for plasma cutters. While a plasma cutter offers a lot

Trade in and Upgrade Your Plasma Cutter Today

When your plasma cutter begins to wear down or doesn’t have enough punch for your cutting projects, Victor’s Trade in, Trade up promotion will help welders and metal workers save big on a new Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter purchase. This offer at Baker’s Gas and

How to Improve Your Plasma Cutting Cuts

Plasma cutters are typically one of the cleanest and fastest way to cut metal. However, the consumable costs can add up and your cuts may not be high quality if you aren’t using the right technique. With a few minor tweaks to your cutting process,

Save Your Torch, Time, and Business with Genuine Consumables

Shopping for welding and cutting products online can lead to some tremendous deals and discounts on products that can be quite costly at full retail price. However, with the advantages of online shopping come the risks of manufacturers who sell cheap knock offs and defective

Cut With Hypertherm

Cut with Confidence.. Save With Confidence

There is no more reliable way to cut metal than with a plasma cutter. They cut with a narrow kerf and leave clean edges on your metal, reliably cutting through just about anything you throw at them. However, the biggest knock against plasma cutters from

6 Tips for Welders Using a Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter provides a quick, clean method for cutting metal while working on a welding project or fabricating materials in a welding shop. Welders can use a variety of methods to cut metal, including a saw, grinder, torch, or plasma cutter, but a plasma