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Improve the Safety of Your Welding Shop

Every month we compile a roundup of welding stories in the news, and every month we find several reports of welding accidents, fires, and injuries. Some weeks there are more than we can include, and we don’t doubt that plenty of incidents go unreported. That’s

Welding Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Slag and sparks are hot and plentiful while welding, especially for larger stick welding projects. There are new stories every week about shops that have burned down, houses and garage that caught fire, and welders who were severely burned from accidental welding fires. Controlling Your

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Safe Welding at Home

Welding at home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be risky. Many welders forget about safety when they are at home, probably because they feel most comfortable there. This kind of forgetfulness can quickly land you in the emergency room or