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Learning to Weld with a Stick Welder or Buzz Box

One of the first places beginning welders go for a new machine is the used welder listings at Craig’s List where they check out used stick welders. The basic stick welders, especially those made by Lincoln Electric, are often called buzz boxes. While these welders

Tips for Teaching a New Welder

When you have your own welder, you may be the guy all of your friends go to for welding lessons. The problem is, you haven’t been trained how to teach someone to weld. You may be on the verge of a really frustrating weekend if

Indoor/Outdoor Bench Welding Project

From your garden to your mudroom, a sturdy metal bench can serve a wide variety of purposes while providing the durability and strength that furniture in these locations requires. While a wooden bench may rot over time or the screws may give way, a welded

Avoid These 5 Common Beginner Welding Mistakes

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you’re just starting to weld. From too long an arc to welding with too much power, the quality of your finished weld depends on avoiding some common mistakes. While it’s best to take a welding

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5 Reasons to Own a Stick Welder

MIG welders are regularly among the top sellers at Baker’s Gas and Welding because they are easy to use and create clean, strong welds. MIG welders are great for anything from a household project, to a car repair, to a series of fabrication jobs in a

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What You Need to Successfully TIG Weld

TIG welding requires the most pieces of equipment out of any welding process. Making sure you have what you need and that you’re using it correctly can make or break a welding project. One of the main principles for TIG welding is control. Each part

Win a Copy of Spark: Lincoln Electric’s Success Story

Journalist Frank Koller tells the unique, if sometimes unbelievable, story of welding equipment manufacturer Lincoln Electric in his book Spark: How Old-Fashioned Values Drive a Twenty-First Century Corporation. Public Affairs Books have provided a copy for review on Weld My World, as well as five

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3 Common Welding Mistakes To Avoid

Welding on your own, that is without an instructor over your back and in your ear, is the ultimate goal for any budding welder – just don’t throw your sensibilities out the window. The same advice should be drilled, hammered, loaded, and forged into the