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Welding Tips and Tricks

The practice of welding requires specialized knowledge regarding heat, physics and how to choose the proper materials for the type of metal you are going to be welding.  To produce high quality welds, most welders are aware of certain techniques and tricks which will help

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Tips for Welding Cast Iron

Cast iron is a metal that typically contains a carbon content of between two and four percent which is much larger than that found in many common steels.  Because of the high levels of carbon, cast iron tends to be very brittle and difficult to

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MIG Welding Tip for Beginners: Push or Lead the Puddle?

Today’s post features a video by Kevin Caron, a self-taught, successful art welder in Arizona. He regularly posts videos to YouTube, and this video was done in response to a question he’d received on a previous video about whether to “push the puddle” or “lead