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Tips for Starting and Stopping When Arc Welding

When you’re welding it is expected that you will run out of an electrode before you complete the weld.  It is important for welders to know how to start the weld again at the spot where they had to stop without forming excessive amounts of

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Welding Tips and Tricks

The practice of welding requires specialized knowledge regarding heat, physics and how to choose the proper materials for the type of metal you are going to be welding.  To produce high quality welds, most welders are aware of certain techniques and tricks which will help

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MIG Welding Tip for Beginners: Push or Lead the Puddle?

Today’s post features a video by Kevin Caron, a self-taught, successful art welder in Arizona. He regularly posts videos to YouTube, and this video was done in response to a question he’d received on a previous video about whether to “push the puddle” or “lead

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Torch Movement Tips for MIG Welding

MIG welding is often described as a simple “point and shoot” technique for welding. However, depending on the size of the weld joint and the material being welded, different torch movements will be required. Image Source: Stock Exchange There are many effective ways to move

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Tips on How NOT to Weld

There is a lot at stake for a welder's work. Perhaps the safety of your family, neighbors, or property could be put into jeopardy by a poor weld on something as small as a trailer hitch. Image Credit: Kavitha The last thing you want to

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Video Tutorial on How to Cut with Alternate Fuels

Smith Equipment has provided a two-part series on how to cut with acetylene and alternative fuels with detailed safety and set up instructions. These videos are the perfect place to begin if you’re new to oxy-cutting or if you need a refresher on torch and

How to Weld Unique Bookends

Imagine it’s your brother’s birthday. He’s coming over for dinner after work, and you don’t have a present for him. You could roam the aisles of a big box store for the perfect gift, eventually settling on a gift that will break in a few