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A Roundup of 7 Best-Selling Welding Helmets

There is a range of basic to professional welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding that meet the needs of anyone from first time welders to experienced veterans. While you can check out the low prices on the full range of brand name welding helmets

How to Find Serial Numbers on Welding Helmets

Locating a serial number on a welding helmet is extremely useful for taking advantage of warranties, registering your helmet, or qualifying for special product upgrades or replacements. However, serial numbers aren’t always easy to find on welding helmets, especially since different brands and models within

Save on the Best Welding Gear for Fall Projects

Summer is over, and the fall promises plenty of weekends to work on home improvement or welding projects. Of course every project requires the right tools for the job. Before you plan one last barbecue for Labor Day, check out the great end of summer

Get Up to $100 Off Lincoln Viking Welding Helmets

Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering a limited time sale (including free shipping) on Lincoln’s popular Viking Welding helmets that are ideal for both professional and hobby welders. These auto-darkening helmets are durable and effective for a wide variety of applications. Most welders can expect

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Welding Helmet Technologies Improve Safety and Comfort

Today’s guest post about welding helmets is by Nick Peterson, Welding Engineer/Curriculum Developer, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Keeping welders protected and comfortable results in a safer and more productive work environment. That’s why equipment manufacturers are designing products to keep welders safe, while also enhancing

Lowest Prices on Welding Helmets by SpeedGlas

Speedglas welding helmets are some of the most comfortable helmets on the market, and this month Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering huge discounts on SpeedGlas welding helmets, making this the best time to pick up a high quality welding helmet on sale. If you

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Speedglas Is Our Featured Vendor For February

If you are a frequent visitor to our website (BakersGas.com), you know that we regularly have featured vendors and this month our featured vendor is Speedglas.  During the month of February we will be offering special savings on Speedglas items that are already on sale. 

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Welding Resources: Welding Safety Apparel

This is the next installment of a monthly Welding Resources series. In this series, we’ll be covering key topics relevant to welding and welders. Rather than providing one narrative article detailing a specific tip, procedure, or issue, these Welding Resources posts are meant to serve