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Miller Month

Now Is the Time Buy a Miller Electric Welder on Sale

There’s no better time than now to pick up a Miller Electric welder. Baker’s Gas and Welding is offering Miller welders at slashed prices along with rebates, contests, and free shipping. Whether you want to get started with a basic MIG welder, upgrade to a

Should You Buy a Brand Name Welder?

The top American welding brands, such as Lincoln and Miller, and the leading European brands, such as ESAB, are regularly the subjects of heated debates online as welders argue the merits of saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars compared to buying a brand name

Welding Project: Cutting Table Dolly

Hauling a larger welding machine or plasma cutter around the shop can be tough if you don’t have a welding cart among your welding supplies. However, some of the larger welding and cutting tables can be quite tough to move around as well. If you

Weekly Roundup – News in the Welding World

What better way to kick off the summer than a good old fashioned prank? The welding students at Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop, WA lead off this week’s welding news round up with an original prank that demonstrates just how much they learned in

Tips for Using a Miller MIG Welding Machine

The Miller Electric welding company manufactures a variety of welding machines that can be used in the home, garage or for industrial uses.  If you are a beginner welder, Miller Electric offers machines that range from a 90-amp output for use with thin gauge welding

Replacing Welding Cable Liners

MIG welding is one of the most efficient and popular methods of welding used today.  Because the welding wire is fed through the electrode this allows welders to work longer and have a higher level of productivity than welders using a different welding method.  A

Parts of a Welding Machine

Welding machines are used when pieces of metal need to be permanently joined.  Welding machines come in a variety of types and sizes with varied amounts of voltage produced.  These output voltages range from a small welder with 80 amps to larger welding machines used

Different Types of Electric Welders

Welding has evolved in many different ways since it was first invented hundreds of years ago.  It is now not uncommon for ordinary homeowners to own an electric welder.  Electric welders have become more popular since they have become so easy to transport from one

5 Tips on How to Maintain Welding Equipment

Whether an arc becomes erratic, the wire for your MIG welder feeds unevenly, or your machine starts to run hot, maintenance for welding equipment is critically important for the longevity of your welding machine and for preventing these performance issues. Depending on what kind of