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Try the New Optrel Panoramaxx Welding Helmet

Get a wider field of vision and a clearer view of your workspace with the brand new Panoramaxx welding helmet from Optrel. This uniquely designed helmet boasts a field of vision that is six times wider than the competition because of the way it rests

Improve the Safety of Your Welding Shop

Every month we compile a roundup of welding stories in the news, and every month we find several reports of welding accidents, fires, and injuries. Some weeks there are more than we can include, and we don’t doubt that plenty of incidents go unreported. That’s

Basic Gas Cylinder Safety Tips for Welders

Baker’s Gas and Welding handles gas tanks every day in all of our locations, and we have seen all kinds of cylinders come into our shops to be refilled. Some are well-maintained and regularly tested, while others are a catastrophe waiting to happen. Here are

Welding Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Slag and sparks are hot and plentiful while welding, especially for larger stick welding projects. There are new stories every week about shops that have burned down, houses and garage that caught fire, and welders who were severely burned from accidental welding fires. Controlling Your

Welding Fume Safety with Respirators

Welding safety involves more than a helmet, gloves, and flame resistant clothing. The fumes produced while welding can be extremely harmful after continuous exposure. While good ventilation and a fume extraction system can help, several practices and products can guard your health and productivity, keeping

Weekly Welding News

A recent Gizmodo article featured friction welding for pipes with seemingly otherworldly images and videos of pipes being forced together and then rubbed together so that an orange band forms at the weld joint before cooling. The metal pipes are joined without any filler metal

Miller Extends “Build With Blue” Promotion!

You can still save between 5% and 15% on select, top of the line Miller Electric welding products by taking advantage of the Build with Blue Promotion.  It was previously set to end on May 31st but has been extended to August 30th.  There will be

Welding Jackets: Miller’s Latest in Welder Protection

Today’s guest post about welding jackets is by Eric Sommers of Miller Electric: Not all welding projects are alike, and choosing the correct welding jacket for your specific application requires taking a number of other factors into account. One may be tempted to purchase solely