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3 Welding Projects to Spring Clean Your Shop

No matter how much or how little snow is on the ground in your part of the country, spring will be here before you know it. When the weather begins to warm up, most of us get the urge to clean, organize, and prepare for

Welding Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Month

Slag and sparks are hot and plentiful while welding, especially for larger stick welding projects. There are new stories every week about shops that have burned down, houses and garage that caught fire, and welders who were severely burned from accidental welding fires. Controlling Your

Welding Supplies for a Professional Welding Shop

Professional welding takes a lot of practice and skill, but it also helps to use top of the line tools and materials that will make your work all that much easier and precise. Professional welding is all about efficiently creating top notch welds, and if

Welding Projects for Your Shop

Buying a welder is just the start of what you need in order to start welding. Besides picking up welding safety gear and welding supplies, you’ll also need to set up a welding shop at home that is safe and convenient. While you could buy

How to Use an Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is one of the most important welding prep supplies a welder can have in a shop because grinders are versatile and extremely useful for quickly prepping or finishing welds. Whether you’re preparing metal before welding or finishing a weld by removing slag,

Welding Project: Air Tool Rack

A welding shop needs a specific spot for every tool, lest you lose or damage them while you work, and an air tool rack is one welding project that will make your shop more organized and help preserve your tools. Rather than spending your time

How to Weld a Tool Bench

There are a few different kinds of benches that you can find in a welding shop, such as a tool bench and a work bench. A work bench for welding needs to be thick, sturdy, and fire-resistant. You’ll often see welding work benches with holes