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How to Read Welding Blueprints

Architects and drafters commonly include welding instructions in their designs.  This ensures that the welder will know exactly how the architect wanted the welding to be performed.  These instructions often include which type of weld to be used, the size of the weld, how many

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Quick Welding Symbol Name Definition Guide

BEAD A bead weld (or bead of weld) is created by string or weave multiple beads in one continuous unbroken line. FILLET A fillet weld forms a triangular cross section joining two surfaces at roughly the same angle. PLUG A plug weld is formed in

Welding with your Smartphone, 8 Best Apps for Welders

Just in case you needed another reason to be on your phone (or to finally upgrade to a smartphone); here are the best applications for welders with smartphone technology. Start using your smartphone to do, well – smart things. Welding Parameters Set-up Guide Brought to

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Welding Refresher: Welding Symbols 2

Pop quiz! Every now and then it’s good to make sure you still understand the most basic elements of welding. Understanding welding symbols is not only a basic element of welding, it’s also one of the most important. Ready to identify 8 more types of

Welding Refresher: Welding Symbols

How often do you rely on blueprints and other symbols when working on welding projects? I’ve come across many welders that rarely (if ever) use blueprints. Many don’t even know the most basic of welding symbols. Now, that’s not a problem if you don’t intend