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6 Stick Welding Tips for Working in Multiple Positions

Stick welding is the mainstay of shipbuilding and construction industries, and it’s also one of the most flexible welding processes for multiple locations. Depending on the material, location, and size of the weld, you can just swap out different electrodes, strike an arc, and get

Aluminum TIG Welding Tips

There’s a good chance that you own something that has been welded with a TIG welder. From bikes to car parts, TIG welding is incredibly useful and precise. However, creating a solid TIG weld is another matter, especially on a tricky metal like aluminum. You

Stick Welding Tips for Uphill, Horizontally, and in Circles

Stick welding is the most forgiving welding process compared with MIG and TIG applications. Best yet, it can be used for a variety of materials in various positions. Stick welders come in a variety of sizes with all kinds of options. Some are a simple

How to Make a Stronger MIG Weld

MIG welding downhill works great for thin metal and joints that won’t see a lot of pressure and heavy use. However, once you start welding thicker metals that see a lot of action, you need to start looking into more reliable techniques that create strong

Master TIG Welding with the Basics – TIG Welding Tips

TIG welding is the most complicated and specialized welding process, but it also depends on some of the most basic welding tasks in order to be successful. In fact, TIG welding doesn’t have to be quite so complicated if you spend some time mastering the

Weekly Welding News

Zaddie Johnson grew up in Alabama working on farms, picking cotton and hauling hay. She had to work alongside her brothers, and when she married her husband, they moved near the shipyards in Mobile to find better paying work. Her husband got a job as

How to Use an Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is one of the most important welding prep supplies a welder can have in a shop because grinders are versatile and extremely useful for quickly prepping or finishing welds. Whether you’re preparing metal before welding or finishing a weld by removing slag,

MIG Welder for Sale with Welding Tips

When you’re shopping for a new MIG welder on sale, you’ll have to look through a wide variety of settings, options, and add-ons that you may or may not need depending on the size of your shop or the nature of your welding projects. It

Weekly Welding News Round Up

Welding is in the news lately because Apple’s revamped iMac is relying on a welding process for its ultra thin construction. And if that’s a surprise, this won’t be: many states are working overtime to train welders as they anticipate a shortage of skilled welders